Tuesday, April 30

The Best Laid (Architectural) Plans

The Best Laid (Architectural) Plans

The plans are done. Woo hoo!!! And now the waiting game begins. Once we apply for the permit, it could take two weeks or two months or more...there's just no way to know.

I am going to have to exercise my super-girl powers of patience while we wait. Either that or figure out where each permit processor lives and stalk them until the approve. But that might be a wee bit creepy.

Until then, we will stare at these puppies until we are cross eyed. And then stare some more....

Now back to the REALLY fun stuff like paint colors, door handles and light fixtures. Oh my!

Wednesday, April 24

Waiting....waiting...waiting...and more waiting!

Let's face it, I am not a patient girl. It's just not in my DNA. Not even being pregnant taught me patience. I am instantly annoyed by a slow pace of pretty much anything and anyone. This will not come as a surprise to all three of you reading this blog. But I think I may have met my match with this home renovation. 

We started the process on March 28th and given that we haven't even hit the one month mark, we've made amazing progress. We have architectural plans, 3D renderings, we've picked out appliances, cabinets, sinks and even the front door. But even with all this progress, it's not happening fast enough for me. 

Deep breaths...it's a process....have faith....to this I say BAH HUMBUG! Bring on the speedy turnarounds, early arrivals and fast selections.  

Our poor, poor, poor builder. 


Friday, April 19

Our dreams realized...in 3D!




TaDa!  The first glimpse at our "new" home!  There are still changes to be made but we are so happy with this first round.  It's been a crazy week - the tree came down and took part of the swing set with it, we got the first plans for the house and now these oh so pretty pictures. After dreaming about this and drawing it on napkins, post it notes, left over legal paper and anything else we could find, this was a very surreal moment to see it in "real" life.

Our motorcycle driving architect Darren is just fab and patient and listened to everything we asked for. We are loving working with him and our builder Rob. Finding them was worth the 4 rounds of builders we met with over the last 4 years.


Tuesday, April 16

So long big fella!

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We are so sad to have to take down this HUGE and beautiful tree that for so many years threatened to kill us in our beds. But as scary as it was in bad storms (and there seem to be a lot of those these days) it was truly gorgeous and will be missed!

Wednesday, April 10

Poof - Instant Dream House!

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 10.57.50 AM

Wouldn't it be great if we could just PIN IT or PRESS IT and suddenly have the perfect house? Like this one.  But as my mom always says, everything is more enjoyable when you really save and work for it. So while I'd love to click my heels and have this house show up when I get home from work today, I am actually enjoying the process of picking out all the details and saving the money to do this.  It won't last - I promise. In two weeks I'll be screaming at everyone who will listen about this process, but for now, it ain't so bad.

Back to appliance reviews...ahem..I mean work.


Wednesday, April 3

Farmhouse, stainless, enamel...oh my!

We are less than a week into this process and I am loving it...maybe a little too much. Bordering on obsessed perhaps. Last night our builder - who may regret picking us - sent us a website to look at plumbing fixtures. I got the email and thought NO PROBLEM! I can easily pick a few faucets and sinks. Um...no. Not so much. I spent about 3 hours last night looking at the website, polling my friends on facebook, emailing our builder and still haven't decided on one simple kitchen sink.

There are so many issues to consider. Will the enamel stain? Will a farmhouse stainless steel sink scratch? Will I lose my mind over a vessel in which I will wash my dishes? Quite possibly.

I have kids and a job. Oh and a dog and a husband (not in that order) so I should probably just figure it out. Back to the website....

Tuesday, April 2

And so it begins!

And so it begins!

Almost 8 years after we moved in, we are finally ready to build our addition. It was either that, or move the kids into the car and turn their rooms into closets. This seemed like the better option. Here we go!!!